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Quick Start

Run Ozone

Three lines in a terminal:

git clone
cd ozone-docker

It may take some time to download and setup Ozone for the first time.

One click here:

When ready Gitpod will launch the browser tab for OpenMRS 3.

Browse Ozone

Then, start browsing Ozone. This requires you to log into each component separately:

HIS Component URL Username Password
OpenMRS 3 http://localhost/openmrs/spa admin Admin123
SENAITE http://localhost:8081/senaite admin password
Odoo http://localhost:8069 admin admin
Superset http://localhost:8088 admin password
HIS Component URL Username Password
OpenMRS 3 admin Admin123
SENAITE admin password
Odoo admin admin
Superset admin password

Did you know?

Ozone Pro comes with single sign-on and all its interoperability layer is secured with OAuth2.