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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019 Pro

Keycloak-OpenMRS Flows

Flows Overview

        participant OpenMRS
        participant Ozone
        participant Keycloak
        OpenMRS->>Ozone: Roles
        Ozone->>Keycloak: Roles

Flows List

Source Element Target Element
OpenMRS Role Keycloak Role
OpenMRS Roles Keycloak Role

Flows Details

1   OpenMRS Role → Keycloak Role

A role in OpenMRS is synchronized as a role in Keycloak under the 'openmrs' client.

flowchart LR
    a["OpenMRS role"]-- 1-to-1 -->b["Keycloak role"]

2   OpenMRS Roles ⊝ Keycloak Role

Keycloak roles under the 'openmrs' client that do not exist in OpenMRS are periodically deleted.

flowchart LR
    a["OpenMRS roles"]-- delete -->b["Keycloak role"]